New Molly Dox Books

A New Cozy set in the Roaring Twenties!

Catherine Riley is a “new woman” ready to take on the world. It’s 1926, and while others still hope to see her in a traditional role, she’s trying to forge a fresh path that will fulfill her. At a gala event, Catherine stumbles onto a crime scene. Thankfully, her father is a police detective who is also at the event. Together, they start to put the pieces of a puzzle together, but not everything is as it seems. In fact, one of the other detectives is none too happy that a woman is now part of the ongoing investigation.

Facts and clues are manipulated by those trying to hide something. Can Catherine and the others break through their alibis and lies? Being that the body was found on a high society estate means they’ll need to use extra caution when they’re pitted against everyone from the governor down to the house help.

Can Catherine help solve the case before she’s pushed out of the investigation? Or will her intuition help nail the killer? “A Mind for Murder” is a cozy mystery with no foul language, sex, or gore. Enjoy a family-friendly, fun, easy read this weekend, and grab your copy today.

Book 1 – Death at the Beach House

Death at the Beach House is a family-friendly cozy mystery, with a fun cast of characters and a puzzling problem. Daisy’s lost a dear friend, and now she’s forced to fend for herself. When Vera Madison turns up dead, a house full of suspects has everybody on edge. Each had the ability to kill Vera, but how badly did they want her dead? Who had the most to gain? Between lies, cover-ups, and manipulations, Daisy is forced to dig for the truth.

Daisy knows she’ll need to find answers if she hopes to unravel this family drama of murder and mayhem.

This cozy mystery offers a clean read with no foul language, no sex, and no gore. Come join Daisy at the beach as she tries to untangle a deadly mess.

*Note: This story has a new cover and title – it previously titled “One for the Road”

Book 2 – Oceanfront Property

Finding a dead body was the last thing Daisy expected. When the victim’s wife sees her husband’s lifeless body with a stranger standing beside him, chaos ensues and accusations fly. The nosy neighbors are watching, and life as Daisy knows it turns upside down.

Forced to search for answers that nobody is willing to give, Daisy does her best to avoid going to jail for a crime she didn’t commit. With a bulls-eye on her back, and an over anxious cop hoping to solve his homicide investigation, Daisy must match wits and outmaneuver not only suspects but the officer ready to arrest her.

“Oceanfront Property” is a family-friendly story with no foul language, no sex, and no gore.